Representation and distribution for the Bosnia and Herzegovina

Johnson&Johnson HCP & Pharmaceuticals
The company operates through three sectors. The main sector is an innovative medicines - psychiatry, oncology, neurology, nephrology, pain management, reproductive health / contraception, AIDS, fungal diseases .. and other sectors engaged in research and production of skin care products, nursing mothers and children, women's hygiene...

Owen Mumford
Owen Mumford is a global leader in medical device design and manufacture, leading innovation in this space and delivering medical device solutions that respond to customer and market needs.

Laboratorios Atral is the largest Portuguese chemical-pharmaceutical group on the domestic and international market from the scientific, technological and commercial fields.

Bioton is a biotechnology company engaged in the production of recombinant human insulin. Bioton aims to develop strategic objectives to protect the health of patients and improving their quality of life through participation in research projects and the development of innovative and clinically relevant medical products, including biologicals.

Berko Ilac
Berko Ilac the Turkish pharmaceutical company with a broad product range. Berko Pharmaceuticals is a new production plant in Istanbul, designed for the manufacturing of licensed drugs under the auspices of the Ministry of Health. Possessing an indoor facility of 5000 m2 in accordance with all relevant requirements of GMP.

Biofarma is a Turkish pharmaceutical company engaged in the production of generic drugs by world standards while preserving the environment and awareness of social responsibility.

Deva is a Turkish company founded in 1958 years. The main business scope covers manufacture and marketing of medicines for human use. In 2012 production of Deva Holding is audited by the German Ministry of Health and received approval in accordance with EU GMP.

Replekfarm Dooel
Since 2001, the company’s core business has been development, design and production of generic drugs in different pharmaceutical therapeutic categories, in oral dosage forms: tablets, capsules and oral solutions, as well as topical medicaments (creams and ointments).

Antibiotic Razgrad AD
Antibiotic Razgrad AD is a generic pharmaceutical company which manufactures and sells high quality and effective finished products.

Polifarma is founded in 1986, in the leadership of Necdet Nuri Kumurulu and became one of the Turkey's exceptional companies in the field. Polifarma produces all of it's products in Turkey's most comprehensive and modern modern Parenteral Solution Production Facility using advanced tehnology, and in compliance with the norms of C-GMP. Trough it history Polifarma has advanced to a major producer of very large portofolio of glass, PVC and PP parenteral solutions and it is one of the largest product supplier of Turkish market.

VEM Pharmaceuticals, actively operating in the health industry since 2000, has been offering the products thereof used in numerous different treatment fields such as Nephrology , Chest Diseases, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Urology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Intensive Care, Anesthesia to the service of Turkish medicine.

Bluestone Pharma
Bluestone Pharma® is a Swiss company. They offer solutions for the most innovative oral probiotic concepts on the market.

Sopharma is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Bulgaria. The company's nomenclature exceeds 170 drugs, including almost all pharmacotherapeutic groups. The basic mission of Sopharma is the production of high-quality, affordable and efficient medical products that will guarantee the health and life of consumers.

Zorex d.o.o. is a company engaged in the production of pharmaceutical and chemical products. It is located in Šabac, Serbia.

PIU pharma
Formed in 2017 with a vision to offer hypoallergenic earrings with a beautiful design at affordable prices. They have established a network of sales points in several countries. With two different brands, they are represented in pharmacies and drugstores.