Sponsorships / Donations / Scholarship

Unifarm d.o.o. approves donations and sponsorships for various legitimate purposes.

Unifarm d.o.o. may award donations, to legal and natural persons (citizens) and associations and communities, to support projects, programmes or activities in the fields of sport, culture, education, health, social aid and for charity purposes.

Furthermore, in order to improve a healthier and better future of the communities in which we operate, through our programs of sponsorships and donations, we support the work of healthcare institutions, educational institutions, associations of patients and other organisations and associations that work and operate within the sector and the projects of healthcare.

Legal and natural persons (citizens) can apply for sponsorship awards, namely:

Sports clubs and federations, educational and scientific institutions, institutions and facilities from the field of culture and healthcare, registered civil society organisations (non-governmental organisations, citizens’ associations, charity organisations, social organisations, funds and foundations), natural persons who are artists, entertainers or professional athletes.

We will not sponsor/donate to:

  1. Political parties,
  2. Organisations or individuals who support racial, religious, minority or any other discrimination,
  3. Events which are offensive to public morality,
  4. An organisation or individuals who, through their work so far, have damaged the reputation of Unifarm d.o.o. or caused material damage to it or failed to fulfil their obligations under previously concluded contracts.

The sponsorship/donation process begins with the submission of a sponsorship/donation application, which is available on the Unifarm d.o.o.’s web site (www.unifarm.ba), and other relevant documentation mentioned in the application.

In order to be eligible to apply with their programmes or projects or activities for awarding sponsorships/donations, the applicants must fulfil the following conditions:

  1. that they are registered legal persons (natural persons – citizens do not need this document)
  2. that the program or project or activity for which the application is submitted relates to the fields of sports, culture, educational, health or social assistance or charity purposes, and it may cover several fields at the same time.
  3. that the application which is submitted for the award of the sponsorship/donation presents quality and originality of the programme or project or activity;
  4. that the relevant documentation indicated in the Application Form has been attached to the application for sponsorship/donation.

The application will be rejected:

  1. if all necessary documentation and information from the application has not been provided
  2. if the requirements of the Third Party Code are not met
  3. if the Director does not make a decision on the award of donations for the reason that the sponsorship/donation funds have been spent for the current financial year


Sponsorship/Donation Application Form


Unifarm d.o.o. also grants scholarships for students. The application process begins with the submission of a scholarship application, which is avalilable on the Unifarm d.o.o. web site (www.unifarm.ba) and other relevant documentation mentioned in the application.

The completed scholarship application form, together with the related attachments, to be sent to:

by post to the address: Novo naselje Bistarac, 75300 Lukavac
by email to:  info@unifarm.ba

Scholarship Application Form